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Free solar panel Advice is an independent, online resource offering accurate, up-to-date information on all things solar.
Run by freelance journalists in conjunction with solar industry professionals, the website’s purpose is to help people understand more about solar panels in the UK and to put them in touch with good, reputable installers.

The more up to speed you are on the basics the more you’re likely to get out of a consultation with a solar panel installation company and this website explains all about solar – giving you the facts, explaining the jargon, offering advice.

It means you’ll be better placed to comprehend the pitch and the principles of the individual company you’re dealing with on the day.

Free Solar Panel Advice ONLY deals with established, reputable and fully certified firms.

That gives us the assurance that when you ask for a quote, we’re pointing you in the direction of the best in the industry.
There are hundreds of solar panel installers in the UK and we’ve found the ones with the highest levels of customer care and insurance cover, companies with the best track records when it comes to value for money, national or local excellence, award winners and those who score highly on trust websites.
Furthermore, we monitor all the feedback we have from customers about our installers to ensure those companies are maintaining their high standards.

The provision of accurate information for you, without bias, is central to us.
But we are happy to state one interest: we are passionate about solar power and its benefits to the planet and the consumer.
In our view, if your house and your personal circumstances fit the right criteria, installing solar energy is a no-brainer.
You’ll be better off financially, and environmentally the world will be a better place.
On this site, we try to give you all the information we would want if we were in your place – looking at solar for the first time.
Having once been on the other side of the fence, we felt there was a need for that!
So enjoy your visit, stay sunny and thanks for dropping by.

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As part of our own commitment to saving the planet, we are donating two percent of any revenue raised by this website to charities which preserve the world’s resources.

In 2017 our chosen charity is The World Wildlife Fund.

We shall make a donation at the start of 2018 before selecting another charity.

If you wish to independently donate to WWF or find out more about what it does, then go to www.wwf.org.uk


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